I’ve been writing since November 2016, after a long arduous search for an outlet for creative expression. I decided to try my hand at fanfiction since all the cool kids are doing it, and decided on a fandom and a pairing that I was comfortable exploring on my own. I had been reading fanfiction for a while (returning to the community after ten years of education and then childrearing) but never felt adequate writing in any particular fandom (don’t ever feel that yourself; you are awesome, go write). That is until NBC’s Hannibal was canceled.

I signed up for National Novel Writing Month and just went at it. My first fiction was birthed from that month-long endeavor, having been written, edited, and uploaded in just thirty days. I was proud of that 65k word accomplishment and the feedback was amazing.

I then began experimenting with fiction styles and new voices and began writing in first-person, and in a more postmodern style. I obviously fell madly in love.

Feel free to comment or contact me. I’m always open and willing to talk to anyone about anything! Tumblr or Facebook are your best bets for finding me ASAP.

Why fanfiction?

I’m on AO3 because fanfic is awesome.

The fanfiction community is incredible. Content creators working for free, just so their fellow fans have amazing new stories to enjoy when Hollywood decides that we’ve had enough.

Supporting fanfiction means you are supporting a female author dominated community.

Many fanfic writers identify as non-heteronormative in some way. Because we need full-spectrum representation within the media and don’t get it.

Fanfiction is robust. It is collaborative. It spawns new authors, art, original fiction, and creativity. It is a gift to the world.