boot tread [boot tread]

Part of Unhitched’s prompt collection, Boot Tread

Prompt from a comment on AO3:

These characters are so rich and faceted… nothing about them is uninteresting. You could describe the tread pattern of Axe’s lost boot in 3-5 precise words and it would somehow be profound, meaningful, and completely in-character.


100 words

Rated: G

My vision is lost when thunder rolls over the sky and clouds burst with a flash.

I crouch into the brush, waiting for the downpour to stop, staring over the yard of the smoking rancher across the street. In the mud, my boot prints fill – a foot-shaped puddle with a spine flanked by islands of chevrons. Those chevrons point shamefully toward the house fire trapping Wild, but I have to wait.

As instructed.

I have to wait, hoping to watch his prints overlap mine.

I have to wait while that house burns, praying that he is stronger than me.

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