indenting text on AO3 [tutorial]

I get asked this a lot because all my fics on AO3 are indented. Here is the information needed to create a workskin to do this yourself.

To create your Indentation Work Skin:

1) Go to your Skins page from the link in your Dashboard

2) Click the “Work Skins” button

3) Choose “Create Skin”

4) In the “Create New Archive Skin” form, change the popup menu beside “Type” to “Work Skin” (very important)

5) In the “Title” box, enter a title that is meaningful to you (for example, “Indentation”)

Optional: If you like, in the “Description” box you can enter a description of what the skin does

6a) In the large box labeled “CSS”, enter:     

#workskin #chapters div.userstuff p { text-indent: 2em; margin: 0 auto; }

Note: The above CSS will indent your paragraphs and remove the white spacing between paragraphs (as though you are reading the page of a book). It will also not affect your summary or notes.

6b) If you’d like to indent your paragraphs but still leave a single blank line between them (easier to read on devices), instead enter:   

#workskin #chapters div.userstuff p { text-indent: 2em; }

7) Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

Note: If you find the indent too small or too large, increase or decrease the number accordingly and save, for example: 1em, 3em, or 4em if you’re crazy.

To use your new Work Skin:

1) Select the fic your would like to apply your work skin too.

2) Select “Edit”

3) At the bottom, choose your new Work Skin from the drop-down menu next to “Select Work Skin”

4) Post your fic

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4 thoughts on “indenting text on AO3 [tutorial]

  1. Well damn! I was so hopeful, finding this, especially when I tried it and it worked! Unfortunately though, it doesn’t hold outside of AO3. At least not in PDF, and therefore I figure it’d be the same for Mobi, etc. I know most of my readers download it to their various devices, rather than read on site. Such a bummer!

    Why AO3 can’t add a tab/indent function is beyond me! Talk about frustrating!!!

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