pockets [boot tread]

Part of Unhitched’s prompt collection, Boot Tread

Prompt from a private message:

What’s in Hopper’s pockets?


100 words

Rated: G

I sit up when a pile of shit clatters over the console of the truck.

“What’s all this?” he scoffs.

The contents of my jeans pockets are scattered everywhere, and Butch is sifting through it like it’s treasure. “Certs, Blow Pop, a rock –“

“His name’s Winston.”

He glares at me, continuing, “A comb, sixty-nine cents … half a shortbread. What the hell’s this?” He holds it up, but I know what it is without looking.

“Mood ring. Found it on the ground outside.”

“You a goddamn crow, Hopper?”

“No, but you better watch it. According to that, I’m very unstable.”

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