who are you? [boot tread]

Part of Unhitched’s prompt collection, Boot Tread

Prompt from Writers Write’s prompts list for February ’16:

#2: Who are you?

A double-drabble at 200 words

Rated: G

I yank him back onto the sidewalk as a Mustang crests the hill and flies by. “Jesus, Butch, do you ever watch where you’re going?!”

“I do what suits me.”

“No shit.”

He smirks and wags his hand like I’m supposed to follow him. Not after that near-death experience. I nod to the red light, and he shakes his head at my flagrant tight-assery.

Then a finger taps my shoulder and I jump. “Excuse me, young man,” says some old bitty. “These damn eyes just ain’t what they used to be.”

Before I can respond, Butcher whips around and offers his arm, which she accepts with a smile. The light turns green, and he graciously helps her cross the street – a perfect fucking Boy Scout – leaving me to trot along behind them both like a goddamn toddler.

When we get to the other side, she lets go and wanders off without even thanking him.

“I thought you ate lame old ladies,” I say.

“I do what suits me.”

“Blindly stepping into traffic, then helping rude grandmas cross the street suits you?”

He thinks for a moment. “It does today.”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

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