2019 writing goals [personal]

  • Finish and post Charm City – 24/26 chapters completed
  • Finish and post Scarwood – 2/17 chapters completed
  • Write and post four chapters of Unhitched:
    • chap. 36 – Tear-streaked with Laughter (12/28/18)
    • chap. 37 (written, to be edited)
    • chap. 38 (mapped)
    • chap. 39
  • Complete 52 pieces of writing: fics, short stories, novel chapters, drabbles, AU concept write-ups, prompt-fills, etc
    1. the wyrm [short story]
    2. Unhitched ch 36: Tear-Streaked with Laughter
    3. stolen fruit [fic]
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